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Dear customer(s),

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you for supporting Alley Media over the years.

Due to changes in my circumstances, I have now (decided to embark on an indefinite motorcycle journey around the world visiting all the sights, whilst stopping at every golf course, campsite and music concert!) joined an (awesome!) agency that does exactly what Alley Media did - web design and development. They also offer branding and visual identity. You can read more about them if you do a Google search for "Forty8Creates".

I will be providing my services to Forty8Creates as an employee and it will simply not be possible for me to carry on with Alley Media.

Moving forward, any future projects or proposals that may be sent to me by my existing customer base or referrals will be forwarded to Forty8Creates - which have a far greater resource pool than Alley Media had. My email address remains the same (how does anybody ever un-use an email address?!).

It has been an exciting adventure from day one and a massive experience for me; Thank you for the custom over the years and without you all, this would have never been possible.

Ciao and all the best,

Usman Ali,

Alley Media