Handicap International UK

Handicap International is an independent charity working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. They work tirelessly alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Web development

Alley Media was introduced to Handicap International UK via a charity consultant who is a digital strategist for leading charities.

At the time, Handicap International UK were using their exiting CMS, that they use for their main website to process donations, but being old-fashioned and difficult to use, they wanted a more modern, simpler method, which integrates well with their merchant services provider (who processes their online card payments).

During late 2014, the Syrian Crisis had taken it's toll and the increased work that HI UK were doing for the Syrian refugees meant that they needed a modern donation system, as Channel 4's Unreported World was producing an episode on the Syrian refugees, and the Observer was doing a feature on it too! This also meant that the system needs to be reliable due to the coverage and exposure it will be receiving from the press coverage.

Alley Media, alongside the digital strategist stepped in and set up WordPress, running WooCommerce (for the donation platform), developed a system that allows people to donate, whilst allowing the administrators at HI UK to add new campaigns as well as receive donations for them. If you take a look at the campaigns on the site, you will notice how the donation platform has set out recommended donations, as well as a free donation field, allowing people to donate what they like, This was also a WordPress plugin that was modified, in house, to allow this functionality.

Take a look as the site by clicking here and click on a campaign to see the campaign view (and please do feel free to donate!). This is an example of a campaign page.

You can also see how they link to the donation platform via various places on their existing site.

The entire donation system is made on WordPress with a heavily customised WooCommerce installation to handle the donation and payment system

We continue to work with Handicap International UK, and have done some work for other international branches of Handicap International to help with some other projects and sites (all on WordPress with some amendments to themes):

UPDATE: As of early 2018, Handicap International was rebranded Humanity & Inclusion, so all of the websites were remodelled and redesigned by Alley Media with updated branding and content.