Purple Vision

Purple Vision was founded in 2003 and with a focus on fundraising and fundraising technology, supporting charities struggling with strategy and tactics.

Web development

Purple Vision is a leading charity and CRM consultancy, providing charities technology advice and signposting and integration services. The have worked with some of the biggest charities in the country! Truly experts in digital integration and CRM systems, their website needed to be a very good "in-between", for style, corporate feel and functionality. Between us, we have attained that perfect balance. The website is a clean looking site, with lots of CTAs. It is fully responsive, and has lots of white-space, keeping a corporate look, whilst keeping a very friendly attitude with the content a lovely purple colour scheme. It was a great pleasure working with them for their new website, back-end WordPress development and customisation. The artwork, colour scheme, images and real “feel” of the site was done by the branding experts over at SJW Branding and Communications. We also provided some SEO advice and continue to support them for their website needs.

Update for 2015

Purple Vision contacted Alley Media at the beginning of 2015 with some good news – they’re expanding to another country, so the website needed to be updated to accommodate for it. We decided to give the entire website a revamp, using WordPress, again, but this time the multi-site installation. This then allows a “fleet” of websites, sharing the same resources, such as plug-ins and themes. Speaking of which, Alley Media offered Purple Vision custom developed plugins, to assist in creating and updating content. Check out the site (and flick to the other site in the multi-site - by clicking on the Germany flag on the top right hand corner).